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NES Yankee Swap

Rules of the Game

Prior to the day of the Swap, people should look for a gift valued at approximately $20.00. Wrap it and bring it in. These presents will be put in the center of the table on the day of the Swap.

Everyone picks a number from a hat, 1 through however many of us there are. The hat and numbers will be provided.

We go through the numbers in ascending order, starting with #1. Each person has the option of either picking a gift from the pile and unwrapping it or taking an already-unwrapped gift from someone else. If the latter, then the newly empty-handed person has the same choice -- either pick a gift from the pile and unwrap it, or take an already- unwrapped gift out of the hands of someone else.

In any given round, no gift may be "stolen" twice, so each round will eventually end when someone picks a gift from the pile and unwraps it.

January White Elephant Yankee Swap

NOTE: We have not done a White Elephant Yankee Sway in a number of years. If there is interest, we can certainly resurrect so speak up.
If you received something that you didn't want or need during the holidays, consider bringing it in for a white elephant swap. The rules of the Yankee Swap still apply but we encourage you to swap out something that you received for the holidays but really can't use. If you want to keep your holiday booty, please consider just buying something valued at approximately $20.00 and joining us in January.


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